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The ASIS Teachers and Assistant Teachers are specially trained and equipped with skills and knowledge of Montessori, Sing, Spell, Read and Write and Kindermusic education by qualified and internationally recognized trainers. These three styles of teaching have shown enormous growth in learning over the years.

The student’s entire personality covering physical, mental, emotional, social and cultural is the focus of the school’s entire academic year program in 2015-2016. Daily Montessori activities for most levels include Life-long Learning of Early Practical Life where students learned the household chores such as pouring juice to glasses where students have fun after while drinking; buttoning shirts with their dolls; unlacing and lacing shoelace, placing table mats, arranging flowers and many more interesting household chores. Comprehension of the children developed through sensorial activities through touch, sight, feeling and hearing.


The toddler classroom is headed up by our Toddler Teacher. Her nurturing behavior and gentle approach soothes the little ones and makes them feel comfortable. Whether it’s singing in circle time, object recognition with flash cards, or fine motor skill development, she has the skills and Montessori training to develop young minds.


Our K1 classroom is directed by our K1 Teacher. She shares the same caring attitude for her children as a parent. From helping the students with ABC phonetics and tracing numbers and words, progress is made every day with her students. Her bright smile and personality insures the students feel welcome and at home.

The K2 class is led by the ever energetic K2 Teacher. She is a qualified Preschool Teacher from California, United States of America.  She loves children and has enjoyed having fun with small kids.  She is a graduate of Marymont University, Los Angeles, California.  She has worked with Santa Monica Community College in Los Angeles, an ESL Teacher and she is a certified Montessori Teacher for Kindergarten and Primary.


K3 is lead by our Principal. His positive attitude and hard work ethic can be seen every day here at ASIS. Having experience teaching young learners was very important in selecting him. His students love his sense of humor and caring ways. Every day is an opportunity to learn a new skill in K3!    


Our grade one and two teacher and her warm approach to every student’s need sets her above the rest. She has over 7 years teaching experience here in Cambodia and has volunteered in provincial areas of the country providing medical care and counseling to those in need. Always striving for excellence and never backing down from a challenge, Teacher Mary is a vital part of our ASIS family. She also makes wonderful food from the Philippines!  


Chinese and Khmer languages are available at ASIS and are headed up by qualified licensed teachers. Our Chinese instructor is patient and understanding when it comes to mastering the Chinese language. Our Khmer Teacher educates the student son Khmer culture, language, and history in an environment rich with knowledge. Together they add culture and diversity to the learning environment.