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Vision Mission and Goals


ADVANCED STAMFORD INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL will be known throughout Cambodia for its unique, highly effective educational experience, community service and active engagement of its parents. The school will become the Center of Excellence in Montessori-Conventional Integrated Approach to Education in Cambodia in the next three years.


  1. To offer Integrated Montessori-Conventional Education of International Standards in Cambodia.
  2. To create a trilogy of function of education, extension and international linkages.
  3. To mold individual learner ages three to six to develop the physical, social, intellectual and moral aspects towards development of a whole child and his place in the community.
  4. To produce well-rounded, competitive graduates of Pre-School Integrated Montessori, prepared and well-equipped both in academic and in English proficiency with excellent communication skill to proceed to primary education and immersion for life-long learning.
  5. To hire competitive teachers with good scholastic background and develop them to become more competent through exposure and participation to seminars and trainings of Traditional-Montessori education for professional growth and update them of the latest innovation of these approaches.
  6. To create a healthy workforce that results to increased morale and productivity.
  7. To perform the school’s responsibility of educating parents, understand the growth and development of their child, of the school’s philosophy based on currently popular developmental continuum on tracking a student’s progress from where he or she was upon entering the class to how he or she is moving along (“communication is the cornerstone of this relationship and sincerity is its pillar”).
  8. To create a community based project as part of the school’s social responsibility.


  1. To immerse the individual learner in an integrated approach that ties the separate discipline together into studies of the physical universe, the world of nature, and the human experience as basis for life long learning.
  2. To foster independence to individual child by providing a well-prepared environment of activities and materials at his or her own pace, builds self-confidence, inner discipline and sense of self worth.
  3. To conduct seminars and trainings to teachers every quarter to update their knowledge and skill in the latest Montessori-conventional learning innovation.
  4. To review the curriculum every year with the aid of the foreign consultants and international partners.
  5. To offer quality service to the school’s students and parents by providing top of the line facilities, state-of-the-art classrooms and building façade, convenient garage and waiting area, food services and transportation services.
  6. To create a better public relations outside of the school’s campus, international linkages, and project an image of excellence.
  7. To create networks such as the government and NGOs in the fulfillment of the school’s community outreach programs.
  8. To develop a continuing “10 year development plan” to include curriculum update, courses offerings, teachers’ manual,     staff and faculty members development programs such as trainings and seminars, creation of a sound human resource management department, additional and updated facilities and equipment, and creation of the school’s resource generation program as part of budgetary requirement  for school’s sustainability and  future school expansion.